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Welcome to www.radioclubs.net - the online resource for amateur radio clubs in the UK and throughout the world brought to you by the Radio Society of Great Britain. Radioclubs.net provides amateur radio clubs with a free and easy to update website solution.

All content on the website can be updated simply by typing into forms. No knowledge of HTML or other web technologies is needed. This service is also absolutely free for amateur radio clubs affiliated to the RSGB. Non-affiliated clubs can also get a website by becoming a member of the RSGB.

To get your own amateur radio website, you will first need to register. The registration process only takes a few minutes and you can them immediately start adding content to your new website.

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Morse Code

his book provides a fantastic overview of Morse code and comes with a free CD packed full of useful Morse software.


About amateur radio

Amateur radio is one of the world's most popular hobbies with more than 50,000 active hams in england alone. For more info about amateur radio, visit the Radio Society of Great Britain's website - www.rsgb.org.uk